Social Media Brand Ambassador

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[/wolf_col_6] [wolf_col_6 class=”last”] There’s a huge marketing resource that many budding companies (and even big brands) leave untapped: your biggest fans. After all, one of the most powerful tools in marketing is still word of mouth.

I’m someone who eats, lives, and breathes the brands I believe in, someone your customers can connect and engage with, and someone who has a solid, well-established online presence. In other words, I am the Force to your Jedi. From developing the necessary assets to distribution strategies and events, we’ll assemble a campaign that is mutually beneficial.

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Public Speaker

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[/wolf_col_6] [wolf_col_6 class=”last”] I’m passionate about sharing my digital marketing knowledge, online journey, and experiences as an automotive and diy enthusiast. Whether you need a digital marketing keynote speaker for your next event, a presenter to demonstrate your product or emcee your press announcement, or host product clinics to consumers, I’m committed to making your event a huge success.

My enthusiastic, energetic and hilarious presentation style encourages crowd participation and topics are customized for every presentation to make it relevant for your audience.

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Corporate Videos

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[/wolf_col_6] [wolf_col_6 class=”last”] The words “corporate video” don’t usually have you anxiously clicking the play button. With so many just being a C3PO-style recitation of endless facts, features and benefits …and odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field, it’s no wonder most viewers never get to the end of them.

I work with a variety of companies whose products and services have made me a fan to create effective corporate messages that show rather than tell with the customer as its focus and a great story that makes an emotional connection.

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Product Installation Videos

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[/wolf_col_6] [wolf_col_6 class=”last”] I love discovering new products – especially those that make my time working on cars or any other diy project more enjoyable not just for me, but for my wallet too. Nothing gives your potential customers more confidence than taking the guesswork out of installation instructions with an easy-to-follow virtual helper to guide them through the process with relatable anecdotes and key pointers from a fellow hands-on enthusiast.

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