All Girls Garage / Motor Trend

TV Host.

I’m a hands-on, authentic and relatable television personality so if you’re just looking for someone that can memorize lines and spew it out on camera, then move along. I’m not the droid you’re looking for.

Linear / Digital / VR


I believe great brands deserve great stories – so I tell them in all shapes sizes – whether through bite-sized social videos, unscripted series featuring unforgettable characters or cutting edge immersive 360 video experiences.

Educator / Motivational / Courses / Workshops

Public Speaker.

I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge, journey, and experiences I’ve encountered during my professional career. My enthusiastic, energetic and humorous presentation style encourages participation!

Brand Ambassador / Spokesperson

Social Influencer.

I love discovering new products and then turning them into engaging stories that inspire sharing across social media through custom video that stays true to our content while featuring a brand’s product or messaging.



If if can’t be fixed with duct tape, you’re not using enough.

TV Host / DIY Expert.

I don’t put the tools down when the director yells “cut”! Off-camera you’ll find me regularly working on my own project cars, tackling home improvement projects and hacking the latest gadgets. As a result, I’m able to connect with audiences in an authentic and relatable manner through personal stories, lessons learned, and practical tips and advice not found on any script.

Producer / VR Creator.

I believe in the power of digital and immersive media, and partner with brands to explore marketing in a whole new way – creating premium organically branded stories backed by a social-first strategy that not only bridges the gap between the screen and viewer but also brings fans directly into the action through engaging posts, live streams, and transportive 360 videos.

Wonder Spawn.

An immersive, social-first media and production company.

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Linear / Digital / Social / VR

Traditional advertising is changing and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront. From embracing emerging technology like 360 video and interactive narratives that place the viewer in the middle of the action to leveling up traditional formats into binge-worthy experiences, we know it all starts with an engaging story.


Cable / OTT / Social / Apps

More so than ever, the media landscape is flooded. Almost anyone can produce a video, and set up a Youtube channel. But simply being present – and putting content out there – won’t be enough. Before we even produce content, we devise a clear plan for how you’re going to reach your audience.


Auto / Home / Geek / DIY

Our wildly popular social channels provide a variety of marketing opportunities from traditional pre-roll, takeovers, and mid-rolls to product integrations that drive engagement and custom content creation that tells your brand story and helps us help you better connect with our fans.

Latest Episodes.

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