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We all have a drive to be creative – whether it’s making art, writing stories through code or building fantastical machines and homemade inventions. I got my start by watching the master at work every Saturday morning on TV – Inspector Gadget. From there my childhood inventions consisted of a variety of booby traps, spy gadgets and schematics for inventions doodled on graph paper. This went on through high school where I continued to be fascinated by inventors like Edison, da Vinci and the Wright brothers (who inspired me to get my pilot’s license at 16) and their effortless way of combining different disciplines into one idea.

But at some point in life, many of us are encouraged to put our creativity aside in favor of a stable career and as we achieve important life milestones the struggle becomes harder to find the time and energy during our everyday lives to get back into creating.

Nearly two decades after putting away my art supplies and hobby engineering projects I decided to make a commitment to pursue my creative engineering on a regular basis. And to hold me accountable there’s no better way to do it than live with you!

I believe that by combining the right structure, tools and camaraderie of community I can help you get back on track to fulfilling your creative goals, no matter how far you’ve strayed.

Through my weekly live workshops, projects and maker community challenges, I want to help everyone rediscover the joy of learning and creating by pioneering a new kind of learning experience, one where we look forward to gathering at the workbench each and every week.

Stop Scrolling. Start Creating.

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