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Make real progress on your creative electronics goals by building and coding 30+ Arduino projects in real-time with me. Missed a live lesson? You can access previous live recordings anytime.

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With so many online tutorials available where you can simply copy and paste code and duplicate what’s on a wiring diagram, it seems easy to start building Arduino projects on your own. That’s how I started out. But inevitably, I ran into code errors that I didn’t know how to fix and got stuck when trying to build more unique project ideas from scratch.

That’s why I created a build- and code-along style course that meets you where you’re at and then maximizes your growth so you can build just about any of your ideas – even if you don’t have a computer science or electrical engineering background. Learn by building useful projects from scratch in real-time with me, whether you’re watching live or on demand to understand how each device works, how to connect it in a circuit with the Arduino and how to program it.


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Arduino Tutorial for Beginners, How to Blink LEDs

LESSON 1: Intro to the Arduino & Blinking LEDs

We kick off our journey into the world of electronics by getting to know the Arduino UNO board and how to get it up and running with the Arduino IDE software (which is free). With the Arduino properly connected to your computer or laptop, it’s time to get to know the parts of a sketch and even code your first few programs! By the end of the lesson, you’ll know how to turn on and off the onboard LED with code as well as make it blink, you’ll also build your first circuit with an LED diode and make it blink in a variety of patterns as you get comfortable using your first code functions.

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RGB LEDs Tutorial with Arduino

LESSON 2: Controlling LED Brightness with PWM & Mixing Colors with RGB LEDs

We learned how to turn an LED on and off but what if you want a level brightness in between? We’ll be using the Arduino’s PWM pins and learn a new function for controlling the brightness of LEDs. Then we’ll explore RGB LEDs which allow you to mix different levels of red, green and blue to create a nearly endless array of colors.

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What You Get

In This Course

  • 1 FREE lesson!
  • 14 real-time, build-along style lessons.
  • Use 20+ of the most popular components with the same techniques you’ll use in your own projects.
  • Build 30+ projects to understand how circuits work and are wired together.
  • Code 30+ programs from scratch so that you can write programs for almost any project.
  • Course activity feed where you can post your assignments, projects, get personalized feedback and ask questions (including from myself).
  • Updates & revisions so you’re always working with the latest libraries and best practices.

Course materials sold separately.

Why we’re different

Your maker journey doesn’t end after the last lesson. That’s when you’re just getting started! Accelerate your growth with a supportive and inspiring group of peers as a member of our Artistic Engineering community.

In addition to this course, members have access to:


  • All live and on-demand courses for a more well-rounded skillset.
  • All course activity feeds.
  • Updates & revisions to all courses.


  • LIVE virtual community making sessions where we dedicate time to our projects, share skills, showcase what we’re working on, ask questions and interact with peers.


  • A community of supportive and engaged makers who are excited to offer encouragement, accountability, and feedback on your projects (including me).
  • A mobile app to help you stay connected with our community anywhere, anytime.

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Build & Code in Real-time WIth Me

Whether you prefer to keep up with the live lessons or go through them on demand at your own pace, you benefit from the same build- and code-along experience and you’re never alone on your creative journey. Along with me, our community is open 24/7 to review assignments, provide feedback and help you troubleshoot projects.


What you need to get started

Although you can watch and participate without building anything, getting hands-on with the process is where the real learning and growth happens. We’ll be using the ELEGOO Super Starter Kit for the course which contains every component you need at an incredible price. No previous coding or electronics experience is necessary.

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