Build a Vacuform Machine from an Old Toaster Oven & Shop Vac



Vacuform machines are a staple for creating masks, costume elements, and so much more but they can run over $1,000! Depending on what you have laying around your shop, I’ll show you how to build your own for around $100.

We’ll start by sourcing heating elements and electronics from an old thrift store toaster oven. Vacuform machines consist of two main components – a heat box and vacuum box. The trick to maximizing your pulls is how they’re designed and integrated. I’ll take you step-by-step in real-time as I build my own for my shop.


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  • Machine planning and design process.
  • Options for aquiring heating elements.
  • Building a custom heat box for your elements.
  • Integrating a vacuum box to maximize vacuum.
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What you need to get started

Although you can watch and participate, getting hands-on with the process is where the real learning and growth happens.

Old Toaster Oven
Roof Flashing or Aluminum Panels
High Temp Wire & Connectors
3/4″ Plywood
Shop Vac

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