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How to Build a Vacuform (vacuum form) Machine

Building the Heat Box

June 18 @ June 18 - June 18

After tearing down our old toaster oven, we now have 4 heating elements and some electronics we could repurpose for our vacuform machine. Using roof flashing, aluminum angle (L-channel) and a few bolts, we’re going to build a heat box enclosure for our heating elements while spacing them out for even heat coverage.


  1. Measuring Out and Bending Roof Flashing
  2. Marking Heating Element Spacing & Attachment Strategy
  3. Building Heat Box Frame with Aluminum Angle (L-channel)
  4. Bolting The Frame to the Enclosure
  5. Wiring the Heating Elements


If you want to follow along, here’s what you’ll need:

Heating Elements
10″ Roof Flashing
Aluminum Angle (L-channel)
Power Drill
Tin Snips
High Temp Wire & Nuts


June 18
June 18

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