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How to Build a Vacuform (vacuum form) Machine

Building the Vacuum Box

June 20 @ June 20 - June 20

With the heat box complete, we now have a way to heat our plastic! But in order to shape it for our projects, we’ll need a good vacuum box. We’re going to develop a design to maximize suction and then build it out of plywood. We’ll also mount our power switches to the front of the box and a fast and easy way to hook and unhook our shop vac so it’s not permanently attached to the machine.


  1. Design Strategy for the Vacuum Box
  2. Cutting Pieces Out of Plywood
  3. Assembling the Box
  4. Building the Platen
  5. Routing the PVC Pipe
  6. Mounting the Power Switches


If you want to follow along, here’s what you’ll need:

3/4″ Plywood
Power Drill
PVC Pipe & Connectors (that fit your shop vac hose)
Aluminum Flat Sheet


June 20
June 20

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