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7-segment Displays Tutorial, LCD Display Tutorial with Arduino

LESSON 10: Displays

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Displays like LCDs or the 7-segment variety allow you to untether your projects from the computer by giving you another more portable way to display information rather than the serial monitor. Displays require more wiring than the components we’ve worked with so far so we’ll go through the connections together and then program a few messages and animate text. Then we’ll program a simple calculator to output the results on the screen. In later lessons, the LCD screen will make a cameo as we display different sensor readings.


You’ll be able to follow along and build all the projects featured in this course with the ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit.


  1. Introduction to the different types of displays
  2. Connecting both types of displays to the Arduino
  3. Using a potentiometer to adjust brightness
  4. Lighting up numbers on the 7-segment display
  5. Programming messages on the LCD screen
  6. Animating messages on the screen
  7. Programming a simple calculator
  8. Assignment



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