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Arduino Tutorial for Beginners, How to Blink LEDs

LESSON 1: Intro to the Arduino & Blinking LEDs

April 4 @ April 4 - April 4

We kick off our journey into the world of electronics by getting to know the Arduino UNO board and how to get it up and running with the Arduino IDE software (which is free). With the Arduino properly connected to your computer or laptop, it’s time to get to know the parts of a sketch and even code your first few programs! By the end of the lesson, you’ll know how to turn on and off the onboard LED with code as well as make it blink, you’ll also build your first circuit with an LED diode and make it blink in a variety of patterns as you get comfortable using your first code functions.

This first lesson takes you from little to no knowledge of the Arduino to writing your first programs, building your first circuit and blinking LEDs in a variety of patterns with code.


  1. Introduction to the Arduino
  2. Parts of the Arduino UNO board
  3. Downloading the Arduino IDE (free)
  4. Setting Up Your Workspace
  5. Parts of a Sketch
  6. Turning On & Off the Onboard LED with Code
  7. Blinking the Onboard LED with Code
  8. Understanding Breadboards for Building Circuits
  9. Building Your First Circuit with an LED Diode and Controlling it with the Arduino UNO
  10. Understanding Ohm’s Law in Circuits
  11. Blinking an LED Diode in a variety of Patterns with Code
  12. Controlling Multiple LEDs
  13. Introduction to Variables


You’ll be able to follow along and build all the projects featured in this course with the ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit.


April 4
April 4

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