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Learn How to Program LED Strips with Arduino & FastLED

Lesson 1: FastLED Basics

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Get ready to start adding lighting effects to your projects with some of your very first programs! I’ll show you how to determine which LED products are compatible with your microcontroller and best practices for powering projects of all sizes. With everything hooked up properly we’ll explore the necessary setup functions from the FastLED library using the Arduino IDE and then move on to building our first light patterns from scratch using any color we want and get started with animation fundamentals.


  1. Types of Programmable LED Strips
  2. How to Connect an LED Strip to a Microcontroller
  3. Understanding & Wiring the Power Supply
  4. Introduction to the FastLED Library
  5. Coding Your First Light Patterns


If you want to follow along, here’s what you’ll need:

Arduino Nano or Arduino Uno
WS2818B LED Strip
Capacitor (100 to 1000 µF, 6.3V or higher)



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