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How to Paint Animal & Creature Eyes

Painting Acrylic Spheres with Pupil Reflection

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Full sphere eyes are a great option if you want maximum rotation and movement with your eye mechanism. Unlike the cabochons and half spheres where all the artwork has happened in the back of the eyes, we’re now going to paint the entire surface. Another advantage to full spheres is that by masking a pupil shape beforehand so that it’s clear acrylic at the end allows you to look deep into the eye and get a realistic reflective effect inside.

We’ll be using our airbrush to basecoat our spheres black and white but you can also basecoat them with regular spray paint. With cabochons and hemispheres we layered paint from the top to the bottom but now we’ll be going in the reverse order.


  1. Introduction to Materials & Techniques
  2. Masking the Pupil
  3. Painting the Basecoats
  4. Painting the Iris
  5. Layering up Lighter Colors
  6. Painting the Sclera
  7. Softening Hard Lines
  8. Adding Spot Clusters
  9. Sealing with a Clear Coat


If you want to follow along, here’s what you’ll need:

1″ Acrylic Spheres
Acrylic Paint Set
Fine Detail Brush Set
Airbrush Set (recommended but optional)
Airbrush Paints (recommended but optional)



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