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Push Buttons Tutorial with Arduino

LESSON 4: Push Buttons & Switches

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Push buttons are core components of Arduino projects because it gives a user the ability to trigger a variety of actions and makes your electronics projects more interactive. In order to incorporate buttons into your circuits and have them behave reliably, you’ll have to understand the concept of pull up and pull down resistors. In this lesson, we’ll start with a few popular projects like using buttons as momentary switches, toggle switches and even a dimmer.


  1. Role of Pull-up & Pull-down Resistors with Buttons
  2. Understanding the Arduino’s Internal Pull-up Resistor
  3. Using the Serial Monitor to Read Values
  4. Using a button as a momentary switch
  5. Using a button as a toggle switch
  6. Create an LED dimmer with a push button
  7. Assignment


You’ll be able to follow along and build all the projects featured in this course with the ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit.



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