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How to Paint Cyborg & Robot Eyes with LED lighting

Robot & Cyborg Eyes with LED Backlight

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Up until now we’ve done a variety of animal and creature-themed eyes so it’s time to move towards the other end of the spectrum – from organic to tech. We’ll mask off a more complex pupil and paint mechanical elements on our eye. Then it will be time to wire up an LED, drill a hole at the back of the eye for it and watch the light shine through our pupil!

Grab another roll of tape because this one will be our most masking-intensive eye yet!


  1. Introduction to Materials & Techniques
  2. Masking and Cutting the Pupil Shape
  3. Painting the Basecoats
  4. Painting the Iris
  5. Masking and Painting Mechanical Details
  6. Painting the Optic Housing
  7. Adding Shading for Depth
  8. Wiring up an LED
  9. Drilling and Mounting the LED


If you want to follow along, here’s what you’ll need:

1″ Acrylic Spheres
Acrylic Paint Set
Fine Detail Brush Set
Airbrush Set (recommended but optional)
Airbrush Paints (recommended but optional)
LED or LED Kit



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