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Servos Tutorial with Arduino

LESSON 7: Servos

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It’s time to put some motion into our projects! Servos are great for acting as levers, pulls, robot arms, gauge indicators and anything that needs 180 degrees of rotational movement. In order to start using servos, we’re going to learn about libraries, how to incorporate them into your code and create different movements. Then we’ll build a few projects integrating our servo with other components to perform different actions.


You’ll be able to follow along and build all the projects featured in this course with the ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit.


  1. Introduction to Servos
  2. Installing and using core libraries in your code
  3. Incorporating a servo in your circuit and power considerations
  4. Using user input from the serial monitor to control your servo
  5. Controlling Servo Speed
  6. Build a thermometer needle gauge with a servo and thermistor
  7. Build a light-chasing or light-avoiding device with a servo and photoresistor
  8. Assignment



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