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Lesson 1: FastLED Basics

Get ready to start adding lighting effects to your projects with some of your very first programs! I'll show you how to determine which LED products are compatible with your microcontroller and best practices for powering projects of all sizes. With everything hooked up properly we'll explore the necessary setup functions from the FastLED library […]

Vacuform Machine Final Assembly & Test

The two main components of our homemade vacuform machine are complete and now it's time to put them together and connect the wiring. Before we can test it, we'll have to build a quick frame to clamp our plastic to that we'll transfer from the heating elements to the platen in one smooth movement. LESSON […]

Building the Vacuum Box

With the heat box complete, we now have a way to heat our plastic! But in order to shape it for our projects, we'll need a good vacuum box. We're going to develop a design to maximize suction and then build it out of plywood. We'll also mount our power switches to the front of […]

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