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My live events and courses are unlike any passive online video course you’ll find on the market. I understand you may have some additional questions before proceeding. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to contact me!

Stuff People Ask Me:

A curious mind and a willingness to try are the most important prerequisites. Many of our courses and lessons are geared towards the absolute beginner but also provide value to more experienced makers that want to brush up on the fundamentals and get more troubleshooting tips and advice to push through common roadblocks.

Certain courses do have specific prerequisites, like completing a previous course or comparable intermediate skills. Please check each course for more information.

I present the majority of the courses and Workshop Social events as live streams or Zoom meetings but there are certain instances when pre-recording a lesson, course or event is necessary. The most common reasons are if a topic poses logistical challenges like having to shoot outside where it’s difficult to control internet and audio, or a portion of a lesson that involves a lot of watching glue or paint dry between every step which provides little educational value. Working around holidays or travel is another reason.

If you can’t make the live streams, no problem! They become available as on-demand videos for you to watch and catch up whenever you want. Our community is just as active between streams as it is during so post up your questions and ideas.

Almost all course lessons are launched as live events. They then become part of our ever-growing library of on-demand content for you to watch any time you want. Members have access to all courses as long as their membership is active.

Members can watch any of the courses at your own pace as long as your membership is active. Courses cannot be downloaded.

You have access to all courses, Workshop Social live events and replays as long as your membership is active, including revisions and updates we make during that time to any courses.

There’s at least one live event happening every week – from live lessons to a variety of Workshop Social events!

A typical course is usually divided into 4-8 live lesson streams (1 per week) for a total of 6-12 courses per year.

We hold at least 2 Workshop Social live events per month. They can be Community Making Sessions, Shop Chats, Show Off Your Makes, Skill-Shares, or Guided Build-Alongs.

No problem! Each lesson becomes an on-demand video within 48 hours so you can catch up at your convenience in time for the next live lesson. While many members enjoy the live lessons, others prefer to watch on demand and complete the lessons at their own pace. Either way, our community is always there between live streams for you to ask questions, get personal feedback, and post your projects.

We believe our community component is a key factor in taking your skills to the next level, achieving your goals and growing as a well-rounded creator. Taking a course is just the beginning of your journey. Most other online learning platforms rely on passive consumption of video content with minimal support once the course is done. Our Artistic Engineering community focuses on active creation and community to help you unlock your full creative potential.

Although you can watch and participate without building anything, getting hands-on with the process from design and prototyping to testing and final product is where the real learning and growth happens. With each lesson and activity I provide a materials list, a strategy for bundling items for better value and/or lower cost alternatives whenever possible.

We offer a 7-day free trial so you can see if our courses, live events and community are right for you. Be sure to cancel before your free trial expires to avoid being charged. You can also cancel anytime during your membership.

You can’t get a refund for any payments made after your free trial ends.

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